Our Story

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Our Story

Ours is a legacy a hundred years in the making. Craft, service, and entrepreneurship are in our blood and always will be. Our story dates back to the 1890s when Edward Manders set up shop as a painting contractor serving the Washington D.C. market. Diligent, passionate, and always focused on the customer, he quickly developed a word-of-mouth reputation that saw his business quickly grow. As years passed and subsequent generations of the family joined the business, Manders began to provide maintenance support for the multi-family and commercial markets, later partnering with construction firms to provide full-service, end-to-end aesthetic maintenance, repair, and consulting services.

Today, under the leadership of 3rd-generation owners Bill and Michael Manders, we continue to expand our capabilities and are proud to provide a full suite of design and installation services to developers, investors, and property managers across all sectors. From boutique residential turnovers to the repainting of big box stores to the complete refurbishment of hospitality settings, Manders does it all.


Our Mission

To set the standard for excellence by leading with integrity, quality, and relentless attention to detail in every project– regardless of size and scope.



We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. As highly involved participants within a number of neighborhood organizations and associations, we are proud to lend our time, skills, and expertise to help create spaces and places that foster engaged communities with high levels of pride. Our outreach efforts include repainting curbs and sporting areas at local schools and parks, and we are often found lending a hand to help to create clean, safe, updated recreational environments for everyone to enjoy.


Manders believes that safety always comes first. We are licensed and bonded and abide by all OHSA safety and health standards. Our workers have access to state-of-the-art safety equipment, and our job sites are vetted to ensure safe practices are being adhered to, to the shared benefit of employees, tenants, and clients. Manders holds business licenses and certifications in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia.



At Manders, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We create spaces that leverage sustainable materials, and design, and apply green practices that benefit both people and place. Material reclamation, a clean job site promise, and efficient material, staffing, and transportation operations are all part of the Manders promise. We also continue to pursue accreditations and education in green and LEED practices.