Types of Specialty Paint Finishes


Not all paints are created equal. In addition to offering a certain look and feel suited to specific environments, specialty finishes provide various benefits, including easy cleaning, protection against scuffing, resistance to humidity, and even antimicrobial protection. Over time, these finishes reduce the time and resources building owners and landlords need to spend on cleaning, touch-ups, and repainting.

At Manders, we use a variety of specialty paint finishes in our work. Below are some of the products we use and why.

Zolatone Polomyx: Ideal for Concealing Scuffs and Stains

Polomyx by Zolatone is a tactile, multicolored finish that provides a natural, speckled appearance. This helps conceal scuffs, marks, and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, including elevators, offices, and educational facilities. Polomyx is also mold, mildew, and bacteria-resistant, making it a popular choice for busy healthcare and fitness facilities, including pools and gyms. With thousands of color options available, Polomyx is an attractive, durable option that reduces the need for touch-ups and repainting.

Scuffmaster: Extreme Durability for Hard-Wearing Environments

LEED-friendly and low-VOC, Scuffmaster paints are highly durable while also providing a reduced environmental impact. Available in various hard-wearing metallic options and special scrub-resistant “scrub tough” and anti-wear “armor” finishes, Scuffmaster offers an exceptional finish for demanding environments, including commercial, retail, hospitality, and medical buildings, as well as communal areas in multi-family buildings. Its metallic and armor finishes are ideal for architectural features such as door frames, columns, pillars, and partitions. All Scuffmaster finishes contribute to LEED credit EQ 4.2.

Sherwin Williams Paint Shield: An Anti-Microbial Paint

This EPA-registered, commercial-grade microbicidal paint kills 99.9% of bacteria, including Staph and E. Coli, within two hours of exposure on a painted surface. It continues to 90% kill bacteria for up to four years. Available in 550 colors, it’s ideal for healthcare, educational, daycare, athletic, and hospitality settings, as well as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas in multi-family or single-family residential environments. Given the public’s increased awareness of the need for antibacterial and anti-microbial solutions, especially in indoor spaces, Paint Shield is an effective option that delivers great results while keeping residents, tenants, students, staff, and customers safe.

Talk to Manders About the Right Finish for Your Project

From choosing the right product to selecting the right color and sheen, many different variables decide which finish is suitable for your project. Factors such as whether the project is inside or outside, high or low traffic, subject to high or low humidity, and the desired look and feel are all crucial. At Manders, we have decades of experience in painting projects including residential, multi-family, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare – and we know how to choose the right product for the job. We’ll select a high-quality paint finish that will meet the project’s needs while delivering excellent results over time – and we’ll ensure that it’s professionally applied for maximum durability.

For more information about our painting solutions, get in touch!