The Value of Professional Painting Services for Your Property – Interior & Exterior


A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to revitalize or modernize a property and offers a significant return on investment. Repainting a residential, commercial or multi-family building improves curb appeal, offers protection against the elements or general wear and tear, and can help bring a property in line with market expectations. In some cases, repainting may also bring a building up to code. Additionally, for commercial or industrial properties, a custom paint job can be an important branding moment.

No Paint Job Will Last Forever

Painting and repainting should be on every property owner or manager’s maintenance checklist. That’s because even the hardest-wearing commercial quality paint degrades over time. Sunlight, rain, and pests can cause exterior paint to fade or peel, while people, furniture, or pets can easily scratch or chip interior paint. And while specialty paints such as those used on basketball courts or parking lots are designed to be ultra-durable, they still need to be touched up to retain the integrity of their lines.

Beyond repainting for general maintenance, both interior and exterior painting is a vital part of redecorating and refurbishing – and is highly recommended any time a rental property is turned over.

Depending on the property, repainting may be recommended every few years or as often as every few months for high turnover residential properties or high-traffic areas. Internal painting is typically required more frequently than external painting, with some exceptions.

Why Professional Repainting is Essential

Painting is invisible when done well and obvious when done poorly. DIY painting often means poorly bonded paint, the wrong types of paint used, crooked or bleeding seams, and obvious drips and spills. There are also risks associated with property damage or injuries – which can be an expensive lesson where liability coverage is lacking. Additionally, older properties where lead paint may be present can pose a health risk to painters, owners, and tenants if not handled properly. Unsurprisingly, those who go the DIY painting route often end up spending more time and effort than if they’d simply hired a professional.

In contrast, a professional paint job delivers quality results that last longer, look better, and are promptly and seamlessly executed. Professional painters are also licensed and bonded, giving you peace of mind. They can also advise about a recommended repainting schedule based on your property’s type, location, use, and traffic patterns. Whether your painting needs relate to a residential property, a multi-family development, or a commercial property, a professional painter can help you achieve quality results that you and your tenants will be happy with.

When Did You Last Repaint Your Property?

Repainting should be part of your building’s routine maintenance. If your property’s paint is showing signs of wear and tear or could simply do with an updated color scheme, contact Manders. With experience providing building services, including professional painting for residential, multi-family, and commercial properties of all types and sizes in the Washington Metropolitan Area, we’re here to help. To elevate your property’s curb appeal with professional painting and more, get in touch!


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