Swing Stage Scaffolding Basics

Swing Staging

If you’ve ever watched a window cleaner work, you’ve seen swing stage scaffolding in action. Swing stage scaffolding is a type of suspended scaffolding used both in high-rise construction and maintenance. It helps cleaners, painters, sign installers, and maintenance workers easily access the exterior of a tall building or structure, such as a scoreboard or water tank. Swing stage scaffolding can also be used indoors to access hard-to-reach places.

How Does Swing Stage Scaffolding Work?

Swing staging is supported by cables connected to a rigging system at the top of the building. This marks a significant contrast to the other primary type of scaffolding, which is supported by a ground-based load-bearing frame. Traditional scaffolding has its benefits, but as it’s costly and time-consuming to install, it’s better suited for long-term construction jobs or lower-height buildings.

In a swing stage setup, cables are rigged through stirrups at the side of the platform, an arrangement that allows workers to raise or lower the platform as needed. A motor powers these up and down movements, helping workers move quickly and reducing time on the job. Various widths and lengths of platform and cable are available, along with different weight capacities, providing versatility and efficiency for jobs such as painting, cleaning, repair, and installation work.

With its lightweight design, easy setup and teardown, and maneuverability, swing stage scaffolding is an efficient, cost-effective choice for jobs that require materials transport and access to elevated or hard-to-reach locations.

Installation: A Job for the Experts

To keep workers safe, swing stage scaffolding must comply with OHSA requirements. Professional installation from a licensed and bonded company ensures worker safety while also reducing potential damage to structures and protecting building owners in terms of liability. Professional installation also means you’ll be getting well-maintained, manufacturer verified equipment that meets or exceeds the load-bearing requirements for the job, along with safety equipment and safe usage recommendations, such as personal fall-arrest systems.

At Manders, we provide full-service swing stage scaffolding painting services. From exterior high-rises to multi-level atriums, we can handle painting that requires access from extreme heights. In addition to handling all setup and dismantling, we will also check any workflows and estimate material and personnel weights to ensure that your scaffolding system is optimized for your needs. This saves time, ensures safe, proper installation, and provides peace of mind.

For all your painting projects that are at a height, contact the team at Manders for our professional swing stage scaffolding and painting services. Our experienced team is licensed and insured and can provide everything needed to get the job done efficiently and safely.