Hiring Apartment Building Painters

Apartment Painters

A fresh coat of paint is vital to the curb appeal of your apartment building. Scuffed or peeling paint affects your building’s desirability and overall longevity – and can drive down rental prices. But apartment buildings are high-traffic, high-turnover places that see more than their share of wear and tear. Staying on top of your interior and exterior painting needs is a must. To do that, you need to work with a professional painting team with the right kind of painting knowledge and capacity.

Here’s what to know about hiring apartment building painters.

Choose a Painter with Multi-family Experience

Painting a multi-family or apartment building can be a major undertaking. Ensure that your prospective painter has experience working on this type of building and the capacity to see the job through in a timely manner. Your painting team should understand the requirements of turning over a newly vacated apartment, and they should know what to look for when quoting on a job for common or exterior areas. Certain paint types, finishes, and colors are appropriate for apartment living, while others might not stand up to the heavy use apartment buildings see. Your painter should understand how to minimize the impact of scuffs and scratches while creating a fresh, neutral appearance. They should also understand local rules and regulations regarding paint types and applications.

Analyze Apartment Painting Quotes and Reviews

It’s standard practice to source multiple quotes for a large apartment building painting job. But before you leap on the cheapest one, make sure you understand what’s being offered. If someone is offering a quote that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Professional painters will provide:

  • A clear timeline
  • A detailed breakdown of time and materials
  • Assurances regarding safety and the provision of necessary equipment such as lifts or scaffolding

Lowball quotes often come with risks regarding quality, completion, or even safety. Look at testimonials and reviews before making your final decision – or talk to people you know about who they’d recommend for a large-scale apartment painting job.

Choose Someone Licensed and Bonded

When working with a professional painting team, make sure that your painter has all their paperwork in order. A reputable, insured company will have liability insurance that protects you from potential legal issues over safety incidents or quality of work problems. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with a team where everything is above board, done by the book, and properly reported. When a guarantee or warranty backs the work, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that that work will get done – and done properly.

Consider Long-Term Availability

Keeping an apartment building in top shape is an ongoing effort. When choosing your apartment building painters, think about their long-term availability and ability to take on turnover jobs or repainting jobs in the future. Having a team you can work with, in the years to come will provide a consistent outcome while also saving you from having to constantly re-interview and re-hire. For best results, choose an established, experienced, local team with a proven track record, like the team at Manders. With decades of apartment building painting experience under our belts, we deliver exceptional results on time and on budget – every time. For more information about our apartment painting services or a quote, get in touch today.