High-Gloss Paint, High-Impact Results

high-gloss paint

Move over eggshell and satin. 2022 is the year of high-gloss paint. High-gloss paint might seem like a daring choice, but it’s a popular, durable option with many different applications. Here’s what to know about high-gloss paint and when and why to use it.

What is High-Gloss Paint?

High-gloss paint is a type of paint with a shiny, reflective look to it. It sits at the opposite end of the sheen spectrum to matte paints and has a glossy finish that resembles lacquer. This finish comes from the high resin-to-pigment ratio of high-gloss paint. High-gloss paint is glamorous and eye-catching and creates an elevated, warm atmosphere with depth and visual interest. The high resin ratio of high-gloss paint protects it from chipping, cracking, and other damage, making it long-lasting and durable. And because it’s so smooth, it’s easy to wipe down and clean.

Pros and Cons of High-Gloss Paint

There are numerous benefits to high-gloss paint. They include:

  • Easy to clean. High-gloss surfaces are easy to wipe down and clean up, making this type of finish low maintenance – and a great choice for busy areas.
  • Highly durable. High-gloss paint is long-lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic areas or detailed features that you don’t want to keep touching up.
  • Light reflecting. Light bounces off high-gloss paint, making rooms feel bigger, brighter, and more glamorous.
  • Handles moisture well. High-gloss paint is a good choice for moisture-dense spaces such as bathrooms or spas. It not only holds up well against moisture but protects from mildew and mold.
  • Creates visual contrast. High-gloss paint is a simple and effective way to create visual contrast. Pair it with different paint finishes or wall coverings for an eye-popping outcome.

However, like any finish, high-gloss paint also has its cons. They include:

  • Shows imperfections. High-gloss paint accentuates cracks and imperfections, so avoid it on bumpy or otherwise blemished surfaces.
  • Difficult to apply. High-gloss paint requires a practiced hand to apply. Small brushes and high-density rollers are required tools – along with large amounts of sanding.
  • Requires preparation. High-gloss paint shows up surface imperfections, so special care needs to be taken when preparing a surface before painting.
  • Requires multiple layers. Because high-gloss paint accentuates flaws, multiple layers of primer and paint need to be applied to achieve a perfect result.
  • Can overwhelm a space. The lustrous look of high-gloss paint can become overwhelming in the wrong type of space. It should complement, not take over, a room.

When and Why to Use High-Gloss Paint

High-gloss paint is used in residential, multi-family, commercial, retail, recreational, and even healthcare environments. Some example applications include:

  • Accents. High-gloss paint is ideal for accents such as cabinets, doors, trim, wooden beams, or even furniture. A high-gloss white or neutral paint color can help trim and accents pop.
  • Opens up rooms. Retail store owners can create a visually expansive space by using high-gloss paint on feature walls or ceilings – and using light and mirrors to deepen the effect.
  • Inviting spaces. High-gloss paint lends a sophisticated, inviting appeal to traditionally “cozy” spaces such as restaurants or libraries.
  • Doors. Nothing pops like a painted door. Use high-gloss paint on interior or exterior doors for instant curb appeal.
  • Display walls. High-gloss paint is a striking option for gallery or museum walls and is ideal as a backdrop for text or displays.
  • Millwork. High-gloss paint is a great choice for accentuating elaborate or interesting millwork features, lending depth, and interest.
  • Bathrooms. High-gloss paint protects against moisture, making it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or commercial environments such as hair salons, spas, or pools.
  • Corridors and lobbies. High-gloss paint is durable and easy to clean, so use it in high-traffic areas prone to scuffing and damage.
  • Hygiene-forward areas. Easy to clean and antimicrobial, high-gloss paint is a good choice for schools or healthcare buildings.

Have Your High-Gloss Paint Professionally Applied

High-gloss paint creates an unrivaled appearance – but needs to be carefully applied, or the result can be disastrous. At Manders, we have extensive experience prepping spaces for the application of high-gloss paint and know what it takes to deliver exceptional results. When it comes to high-gloss paint, don’t risk going the DIY or amateur painter route. Talk to our team of experienced professionals, and get the flawless, high gloss look that your property deserves.