Everything You Need to Know About FilzFelt


Design trends have been shifting back towards natural materials, and it’s no surprise that felt is making a comeback. Made from wool, it offers a striking texture and myriad health and safety benefits and is environmentally friendly. While there are a number of brands on the market, Manders has worked with FilzFelt products in various environments and is proud to recommend them.

What is FilzFelt?

With a name drawing on the German for felt, “filz,” FilzFelt is an innovative brand of designer wool felt milled in Germany. Durable, eco-friendly, and available in 63 colors, five thicknesses, and endless designs, it makes an appealing wall, floor, or even ceiling covering choice for any environment.

FilzFelt is made using Merino wool sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and produced using traditional felting techniques. This involves washing the wool, separating it using a willowing machine, combing it, then applying heat, moisture, and pressure to create a felted texture. The final result is dyed, combed, and pressed to ensure an even texture. FilzFelt only uses plant-based dyes to color the final product.

Benefits of FilzFelt

FilzFelt offers all of the benefits of felt and presents it in an elevated package. Because it’s made from 100% natural wool, it’s biodegradable, moisture resistant, fire retardant, and offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. FilzFelt is also flexible and highly durable, being resistant to tears, nicks, and general wear. It also offers stunning, long-lasting color properties only seen with wool products.

FilzFelt is a versatile designer wall or floor covering option, with no-fray edges, cuts of up to 70″, double-sided hanging options, and structural integrity that allows it to hang without the need for additional support. It also qualifies for LEED certification as an MR Credit 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Resource, making it an appealing choice for landlords or tenants seeking certification or pursuing healthy building designs.

FilzFelt is available in a number of pre-cut designs; custom cuts and colors are also available.

Where FilzFelt is Used

FilzFelt has been used in environments including education, banking, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. Possible applications include:

  • Hanging curtains to provide privacy, sound dampening, or a flexible entry point.
  • Natural cubicle perimeters that offer an elevated, contemporary feel
  • Wallcoverings that offer an appealing design while minimizing noise
  • Floor coverings that protect flooring deaden noise and prevent furniture movement
  • Art installations in both corporate or retail environments
  • Window hangings that minimize external light and offer privacy
  • Dropped ceiling installations that improve insulation and deaden sound
  • Natural murals and branding moments

Manders has extensive experience installing FilzFelt in a variety of environments. For more information about FilzFelt products or to request an installation, contact us!