Building Maintenance Contractors and Secure Building Clearance

secure building clearance

At Manders, we understand that the safety and security of your personnel, the public, and information kept within your secure building are paramount, especially in a post-9/11, post-COVID environment. To ensure smooth operation and the continued security of your building, we make it a point to obtain clearance for any construction, maintenance, or cleaning job ahead of time – and adhere to current secure building recommendations when on the job.

What Are Secure Buildings?

Known formally as “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities” (SCIF), secure buildings are designed to limit public access. Staff and visitors typically pass through secured access points, including metal screening devices and security vetting that may include verification of identity and may be restricted in which parts of the building they’re permitted to access.

We usually think of government buildings when we talk about secure buildings. But educational buildings, medical buildings, and even industrial buildings can also have secure building requirements. Some commercial or office buildings may also have security requirements that involve “logging in” or being approved upon arrival by a site security officer.

Why Does Clearance Matter?

A building and maintenance company needs clearance to ensure that we can access specific parts of the building required to perform the job. Obtaining clearance ahead of time allows us to quickly “check-in,” get to work, and complete the task without being held up – or worse, sent away – due to security issues. This saves time for you and us.

Clearance also provides peace of mind for the building owner or operator by providing detailed background information about our company, our on-site workers, our task, and where and when we will perform the job. A security clearance verifies that our staff is trusted workers who have been thoroughly vetted by the building’s security staff.

In some instances, obtaining clearance is as simple as working with the building manager or security officer to get approval to access certain building areas on particular days. In others, such as highly secure government buildings, contractors and cleaners might need to obtain an FCL (facility clearance) or TS FCL (top-secret facility clearance), although the latter is rare. What matters is that enough lead time is provided to ensure that clearance is approved ahead of the job start date so that we can make good on our promise to get the job done on time and to the level of expertise that you expect.

Always Secure, Always Trustworthy

At Manders, we know that security matters to you and your staff. We take pride in our trustworthy team of experienced painters and do what’s needed to obtain the proper clearance for every job – whether that’s applying for a name tag or completing complex documentation and background checks. Our workers also adhere to all safety and security guidelines while on the job, protecting your staff, building, and any privileged information every step along the way.

If you need a building or maintenance team for your secure building, talk to the team at Manders. We’re here to help.