Advantages of Dryfall Coatings in Commercial Spaces


Sometimes you need a paint job done quickly. That’s where Dryfall paint comes in. Dryfall paint contains additives that allow it to dry fast – hence its nickname “drop dry paint.” Mess-free and instantly dry, Dryfall coatings are a great option for urgent commercial jobs or ones where you don’t want to deal with spillage and mess. Here’s what to know about Dryfall coatings.

The Benefits of Dryfall Coatings

Dryfall paint coatings are popular for a number of reasons. They include:

  • Easy to apply. Dryfall paints can be quickly and easily applied, and they’re fast-drying, too. That means you can complete even a large job like a commercial or industrial ceiling overnight – avoiding expensive business interruptions.
  • Cost-effective. Dryfall coating is affordable and durable, making them a cost-effective choice in both the short and long term. They go on thick, offering great coverage with just one layer, reducing labor costs.
  • Long-lasting. Dryfall coatings are highly durable, adding up to a decade of longevity to your surface. It adheres well and is also great for hiding imperfections.
  • Mess-free. Dryfall dries so fast that assuming a 10′ ceiling height, any droplets or spatters are dry before they hit the ground. Clean-up simply involves removing drop sheets and vacuuming.
  • Low VOC. Low VOC and almost odor-free, Dryfall paint means low impact on you – and the environment.
  • Low maintenance. Dryfall paint doesn’t attract dust, making it a great low maintenance finish for ceilings and in areas that tend to be dusty in nature.
  • Light-reflecting. Dryfall paint reflects light, helping to open up and illuminate your space.

When to Use Dryfall Coatings

Dryfall paint is popular in commercial and industrial settings, with popular use cases including:

  • Ceilings. Easily paint tall ceilings without the hassle of clean-up. Dryfall is popular in warehouses, loft-style spaces, and offices with tall ceilings.
  • Dust-prone areas. Because Dryfall doesn’t attract dust, it’s good for debris-heavy spaces such as warehouses, storage facilities, or high-traffic public areas.
  • Darker, low-light areas. Dryfall’s light-reflective properties are ideal for areas that need to be opened up – or where additional, natural illumination is desirable.
  • Sensitive areas. Dryfall is a good choice for sensitive environments such as labs or food preparation and storage areas. It can make site isolation and clean-up easy – and protect surrounding areas.
  • Fast turnaround times. If the job needs to be done quickly, such as overnight or on a weekend, Dryfall is a good option. It goes on fast, with minimal clean-up after the fact.

Note that Dryfall coatings are not a good fit for galvanized metal surfaces. Poor weather conditions and high humidity can also affect adhesion, although these circumstances can be mitigated by an experienced team.

Talk to Manders About Dryfall Paint

At Manders, we have extensive experience using Dryfall coatings, such as in a recent project for a real estate management firm. Here, Dryfall paint was used on the ceilings to make application and clean-up manageable, while also offering a bright, light-enhancing finish.

If you’re considering a paint job that touches on one of the use cases above, talk to Manders about whether Dryfall is the right option for you. Our experts can walk you through your options – and handle the job from prep to clean-up.