9 Uses for Dry-Erase Wall Coverings & Paints

Dry Erase Wall

With organizations placing increased value on collaboration and creativity, dry-erase wall coverings and paints are a popular option in today’s market. There are myriad applications for this versatile, easy-to-apply wall covering solution from office and retail environments to educational and even home settings. Here’s what to know.

What are Dry-Erase Wall Coverings and Paints?

Dry-erase wall coverings and paints deliver whiteboard-style functionality with more flexible design sizes and styles than traditional whiteboards. You can write on, draw on or annotate them, then wipe away any notetaking as required. Dry-erase coverings are also seamlessly integrated into your room’s design, ensuring a minimalist footprint superior to physical or digital whiteboards. Some are magnetic, making them useful for hanging and arranging notes or documents.

Benefits of dry-erase wall coverings and paints include:

  • Versatility. It can be applied on any smooth surface.
  • No “ghosting.” No residual ink or writing.
  • Plain or printed options. Designed options such as “Walltalkers” provide a branded template.
  • Space-saving. No need for awkward whiteboards or panels.
  • High-tech. Combine them with smart and AR technology.
  • LEED-friendly. Many products are low-VOC and LEED-certified.
  • Easy to install. Simply coat, paint or apply.
  • Low maintenance. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Smooth application. No cracks, gaps, or peeling.

When and Why to Use Dry-Erase Wall Coverings

There are myriad applications for wall paints and coverings. They include:

  • Residential kitchens. Take notes, make grocery lists, or write down recipes.
  • Children’s bedrooms. Encourage kids to write and draw – low-to-no cleanup.
  • Commercial kitchens. Use for stock-taking, orders, reminders, and schedules.
  • Restaurants. Write out menus, daily specials, or branded notes, or use them as a customer guest book.
  • Classroom settings. Outline lesson plans and encourages brainstorming.
  • Meeting room settings. Foster collaboration and idea development.
  • Storyboarding and reporting. Use magnetic functionality to hang and rearrange notes or documents.
  • Retail settings. Use styled wall coverings for quotes and announcements or to encourage customers to leave notes or messages.
  • Office settings. Use templated wall coverings as a conversation starter or hang posters and banners.

See Dry-Erase Wall Coverings in Action

Manders recently completed a project for a commercial real estate investment firm in which we integrated dry-erase paint and dry-erase “Walltalker” wall coverings. The outcome is crisp and modern while facilitating collaboration and communication – and providing vibrant branded moments throughout the space.

For more information about installing dry-erase paint or wall coverings in your residential, commercial, retail, or educational space, talk to the team at Manders. We’re here to help you choose the right product for your space and ensure that it’s properly and professionally installed – so that you and your tenants get the most out of it.