5 Types of Wall Coverings to Make a Room Pop

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Today’s building owners have myriad wall design options to choose from, from paint that pops to decadent wallpaper. Whether used as an accent feature, a neutral backdrop that draws attention to furnishings or decor, or even a means to hide imperfections or prevent wear and tear. The right wall coverings can elevate or transform a space.

Textiles: Texture, Tone, and Pattern

A striking option for high-end commercial or hospitality spaces, textiles bring texture, charm, and opulence to a room. Velvet and brocade are contemporary choices for dining rooms or boutique consultancies, while traditional-yet-quirky geometric patterns are making a comeback in hotels and heavily branded or seasonal retail spaces. Dramatic and unapologetic patterns that match upholstery or art can help create a bold yet cohesive feel, whether used as a trim or as the main event. While preparation and application processes vary, a simple liquid starch is often used as “glue,” making changing out or removing textiles simple.

Wallpapers: Patterns in Any Style

Available in every possible color, pattern, and design type, from cartographical maps to school-themed illustrations to Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco patterns, the wallpaper will instantly renew, invigorate or transform your space. Use it to add character to small or drab spaces, for branding purposes, or to protect high-traffic areas from damage. And with a new generation of hard-wearing, vinyl-backed wallpaper available for commercial use, building owners can get all the aesthetic benefits of wallpaper without concerns about wear and tear.

Paint: Simple and Versatile

Paint is a classic for a reason. Simple, neutral, and easy to maintain, it keeps any space looking on point. Over the decades, many new varieties of paint have hit the market and each with its own specific benefits and uses. For example, high-performance finishes such as Zolatone resist scuffing, chipping and cracking, and feature a speckled texture that lends texture and patina while also hiding marks. Some even have antimicrobial properties, making them ideal for healthcare settings. Other paint types such as metallics, glosses, eggshells, and more can lend a striking visual effect in office, retail, residential or commercial spaces – whether as a highlight or a base color.

Wood: Bring Nature Inside

Recent interest in biophilic design and the resurgence of Mid-Century styles have seen increased demand for wood wall coverings. Traditional wood paneling – whether applied in boards or sheets – remains popular in corporate and residential settings, with beadboard styles appealing to residential or hospitality owners. Parquetry designs make a feature wall pop in retail, hospitality, or corporate settings, while “raw” or “natural” looking bark finishes appeal to homeowners or boutique commercial spaces with a minimalist aesthetic. Genuine wood is a more expensive, involved option but has long-lasting, enduring appeal; engineered options such as vinyl plank are also available.

Tile: A Classic for the Ages

Stone and tile are also benefiting from increased interest in natural-style finishes. Terrazzo, polished concrete, and decorative tile offer a visually appealing, durable wall covering solution, while contemporary dimensional designs not only look great but offer benefits such as noise dampening. Many tile designs are available in pre-prepared sheets or modular designs, allowing building owners to take ownership over the final design – whether it’s a series of tiled panels that serve as an art wall or a textured tile design that acts as a branding piece.

Manders Can Help Execute Your Vision

If you’re considering updating or changing out your wall coverings and need expert installation, talk to the team at Manders. We can advise on what types of wall coverings will work best for your residential, hospitality, or commercial space and assist with material sourcing, prep, and installation. For more information, get in touch!